#1 “Do what makes you happy and follow your dreams” – Himba Leader Rimunikawi Tjipurua


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Rimunikawi Tjipurua is my friend. He is a deeply inspiring Himba leader and the founder of Omunganda campsite and living museum in North Namibia. At the early age of 18 he had a vision – to do something big in life. He decided to help and support his community by building the campsite. No-one believed in him, no-one. But he pursued his dream. It took him many years to succeed. Today, the campsite fully supports his community and his vision came to life: today, 59 Himba people live in the camp while tourists are invited to come and visit. With this camp, Rimunikawi gives money to the community and enables them to educate their children while living a traditional and happy life. For Rimunikawi it is self-evident that he does not earn money from his camp but rather uses it to provide for the community. “They are like family to me”, he says. Whilst I am amazed by his achievements, Rimunikawi smiles: “This is not yet enough.” Continuously, he questions the status quo and tries to give back even more to his people.

He shares with us what encouraged him to keep working towards his dream, to never give up despite all challenges and why he thinks the Himba are the happiest people in the world. We also speak about leadership and how nature and meditation inspire him as a leader. He is convinced that taking young people to poorer communities is essential and helps them understand their privilege and the importance of sharing. I am deeply inspired by Rimunikawi and his story, by his vision and the overwhelming kindness of the Himba people. While our recording was occasionally interrupted by baby goats, children and the sound of the wind, the listening experience of this podcast episode could not be any more authentic.

Omunganda Campsite: omungunda-camping-opuwo.com/

Rimunikawi Tjipurua on Facebook: bit.ly/3lj18Pm

Support Rimunikawi's project: https://gofund.me/980c321a

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