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TEIKEI - A worldwide project of connection, community, thoughts and interaction for a better world. After 16.786,2 miles sailing across the atlantic I met Hermann, the founder of TEIKEI and his wife in Hamburg. Coffee, lifestyle a better now and tomorrow - cargo by #MissionZero.

#Timbercoast #sailing with the #Avontuur #Voyage 5. We sailed clean and emission-free trade routes with a load capacity of up to 114 tons. We started on January 17th, 2020. We have been working on tugging sails ever since. We carried 67 tons of cargo to Hamburg unloaded it by hands. The whole crew is proud: we have sailed around the world, even under lock down.

At the crucial moment we became one, in the team, with the winds and waves, the Avontuur.




Future, wealth and happiness for everyone. Organic for the future? Accompany me on my travels, adventures and the daily madness of being. Life, progress and clearly save the earth. Mastering life easily - all a matter of heart, listening and practice. Future is now - feel free! #PeggyMerkur

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