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Famous Peter Cafe Sports Bar - home for sailors. Atlantic, Island, Azores, Faial, Horta. Helping sailors since three generations. During Corona they are doing the same. Listen to the adventures of sailors, history of whaling, and now Covid-19 a unique stop for the crew of the Avontuur, Voyage 5 (Timbercoast) at Peter's. No harbor wants to hear about the sailors. Thousands are isolated, also 15 crew members during the Corona 2020. Atlantic crossing. Closed harbors, running out of food, isolated on a ship, overfished sea.

Crew Voyage 5: Athena Corcoran-Tadd & Jennifer Corcoran (, Klimasegler Matthias Berg (, Christiaan De Beukelaer (, Giulia (The.Rolling.Gally). Repeating history:

Podcasts will follow about the single members. Their thoughts and what they are living for.

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