Traffic Lights - Number 6 In Top 10 Causes of Test Failure! - Know What To Do!


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This podcast covers the issues and problems around traffic lights. It is the number 6 of 10 reasons for test failure according to the .Gov site
1. Not seeing or understanding what the lights mean - Red, Red/Amber, Green, Amber -
2. Failing to stop at red
3. Entering Cycle box at lights - not stopping at your stop line
4. Turning right - whilst waiting the lights change, but dont clear the junction
5. Progressing at a green light (any direction) but junction is not clear, or road going into not clear.
6. Blocking traffic when turning right - not seen the obstruction, blocks traffic
7. Not giving way to oncoming traffic when turning right - with lights on Green. So causing them to avoid collision or blocking road
1. Get to know the sequence and mean of the traffic lights (discussed at length)
Red - stop
Red/Amber - stop
Green - go (if safe to do so - always check) and remember give way to oncoming traffic
Amber - stop (if you can do so safely )
2. Anticipation and planning before you get to the lights is critical, so you respond correctly
3. Key tips and issues for turning, left - going ahead and turning right discussed at length
4. point of turn at traffic light controlled right turns is further back as a more sweeping turn right
Safety issues

  • Green may mean go - if it is safe to do so, don't assume it will be -
  • Always check if it is clear and safe to proceed
  • if turning right on green light always remember you still have to give way to oncoming traffic - because your crossing their lane - many accidents caused by drivers not remembering this one!
  • Don't gamble with Amber - don't rush to get through - plan ahead anticipate the need to stop and slow down in advance of lights to see what stage of the sequence they are at

Supervising drivers:
1. Must know the lights sequence and meaning and road markings (cyclists box)
2. must be aware of the safety points above - learners will need help and support understanding right turns - ie green means go, but still have to give way to oncoming traffic
3. Be prepared to prompt the learner in advance, what are the lights doing....what might happen next, etc.
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