Test Critical Issue - Moving Off Hits Top 5 Causes of Test Failure - Getting it Sorted!


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This podcast covers the pre-test preparations for learners and covers one of the top five reasons for test failure according to the .Gov statistics.
As always parents supervising learners have a key role in embedding this discipline - which we discussed in Podcast "Moving Off without kangaroos! lurching or Stalling" (season 1 episode 5).

  • lack of observations (core 6 point when moving off)
  • pulling out in front of traffic
  • not seeing traffic from rear
  • forgetting the blind spot checks
  • not exercising control when moving off - rolling back etc

Solutions - Use the 6 point checks and control of Moving Off

  • 6 core checks - left shoulder, left door mirror, rear view, forwards, right door mirror and right blind spot check
  • make sure your learner does not just look but see and decide / act
  • When moving off from right - ensure you start from right shoulder and do the checks - going to your left (still 1 - 6 but reverse order)

Key tips for Supervising Drivers

  • make sure you also check before the learner moves off that it is clear, and ensure they do the checks by prompting them if you need to.
  • Do not let them move off without having done the 1-6 observations
  • To help student become independent - don't do the checks before the student as this prompts them - they need to remember of their own accord!
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