Feminist Development Policy: An Introduction (1/5)


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A Pathway Towards Feminist Global Collaboration

A debate is brewing in Germany concerning the implementation of a feminist development policy, but what will this look like in practice? How can feminist approaches challenge the current development narrative and pave the way towards a collaborative practice based on gender, racial, environmental and economic justice and solidarity?
In this first instalment of a five-episode series on feminist development policy, we set the scene for debates to come, applying an intersectional feminist lens to development and exploring some of its histories and criticisms that urgently need to be addressed.

A podcast with:
Shristee Bajpai, activist and researcher with the environmental action group Kalpavriksh
Saranel Benjamin, Head of Partnerships at Oxfam Great Britain
Professor Dr. Aram Ziai, Head of Department of Development Policy and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kassel
Samie Blasingame, Host and environmental justice activist, researcher and facilitator

This series was initiated by an emerging network of practitioners aiming to re-think development policy from a feminist perspective; FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders, a feminist non-profit initiative to advance gender equity in the in civil society sector; and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Audio production by Grettch.

Download of the transcript:
A pathway towards feminist global collabouration (PDF)

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