#310 Therese Huston | Cognitive Scientist at Seattle University and Author


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„Feedback is no rocket science. It’s harder.“

Our guest today received her master's degree and her PhD at Carnegie Mellon University her topic was and still is: Cognitive Psychology. She also just completed a Diploma in Organizational Leadership from the said business school at Oxford University.

She wrote the book, "How Women Decide," which helps women in male-dominated industries navigate frustrating stereotypes about women as decision-makers.

Her current book is called "Let's Talk. - Make effective feedback your superpower."

Nir Eyal, our guest of episode 277, sums up in one sentence what the readers can expect:

“Empowers you with ninja listening skills, emotional management techniques, and whip smart scripts to create real behavior change and lasting trust.”

Her own recipe as she describes it on her LinkedIn Profile?

“In everything I do, I take smart research and translate it into even smarter practice.” For more than four and a half years we have been on our “way to new work”. How can a topic that plays such an important part in our everyday life create more meaning in our lives again? How do we get people to draw strength and motivation from their daily work again? How can a superpower like “effective feedback” help us in our various relationships? We are looking for methods, role models, experiences, tools and ideas that bring us closer to the core of New Work! We are always concerned with the question of whether everyone can really find and live what they really, really want in their innermost being. You are at You are at “On the Way to New Work” - today with - Therese Houston

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