#247 mit Brian Robertson, Entrepreneur, Organization-Builder, & Recovering CEO, Pioneer of Holacracy


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“I nearly crashed the plane that day.” Our guest today was a software developer and founder of Ternary Software. In his company he started early to try out alternative, more democratic organizational structures. In 2007 he presented his collected experience for the first time as an integrated approach under the name Holacracy. In 2010 he published the Holacracy Constitution, which should provide the basis for building new corporate cultures. And in 2015 his book was published: Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World. On his LinkedIn profile he describes himself as an “Entrepreneur”, an “Organization-Builder”, “a Recovering CEO” and last but not least as a “Pioneer of Holacracy” For over 3 years we are on our “way to new work”. How can a topic that plays such an important part in our everyday life create more meaning in our lives again? How do we get people to draw strength and motivation from their daily work again? And how can one succeed in living a happy, healthy, productive and fulfilling life even in such difficult times? We are looking for methods, role models, experiences, tools and ideas that bring us closer to the core of New Work! We are always concerned with the question of whether everyone can really find and live what they really, really want in their innermost being. You are at “On the Way to New Work” today with Brian Robertson .

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