the other day (2021) - BINAURAL


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Interactive and immersive environment in 3D sound, to be listened with headphones! Commissioned by the festival Musikprotokoll (Graz 2021) for the project "tingles & clicks". Demo version (Teaser). This piece was written during the COVID_19 lockdown. Trapped in my house for weeks, I felt an urgent need to break out of my den and explore unknown areas of my immediate surroundings. Equipped with binaural microphones that can be plugged directly into the ears, I recorded the sounds of the environment. During these excursions, words spontaneously came to my mind which later I transformed into poems. They appear as mysterious whispering voices in different languages (German, English, French, Italian). Besides this, one will hear sounds that seem to emerge from a completely different - more transcendent - world: electronically transformed organ sounds and church bells. With headphones, this piece can be experienced as spatial audio in 3D sound.

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