Puzzle of Purcell (2017) for mezzo soprano and electric guitar


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Performed live by Keiko Morikawa (voice) Francesco Cuoghi(guitar) on Dec 18th, 2021 at Chiesa di San Paolo entro le Mura in Rome, Italy during the festival Contemporaneamente - De Natura Sonorum: ALEATORIO. "Puzzle of Purcell" is a piece for mezzo soprano and electric guitar based on two songs of Henry Purcell (1659-1695): "Music for a while" (from the theater play „Oedipus”) and the famous "Cold Song" from his semi-opera „King Arthur”. Selected fragments of those songs form the material of my composition, where they are shuffled and re-combined in a highly intuitive manner. The electric guitar adds a new dimension to this music, which was originally rooted in the early English baroque by introducing sounds and playing techniques from rock music and heavy metal. By this, a new image has been rendered which bridges a time span of more than 300 years, telling a tale about grief and solace. Score and more: https://www.essl.at/works/purcell-puzzle.html

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