Bills Draft A Pass Rusher Ft. Clay Troia


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THE DRAFT IS HERE!!! (insert draft noise) Clay Troia joins Nap and Casey for a late night show right after the first round ended to cover all things NFL draft. They do their best to stay on topic while covering some of the more puzzling non-Bills draft picks. And there were a few of them. Dont worry though, the trio made sure to cover the biggest pick of the night. Pick 30 Gregory Rousseau, to the Buffalo Bills.

Casey and clay were always high on Rousseau, as they have both spoken about in their content previously. Casey needed an ego boost so of course he had to do a victory lap (Please credit him for liking Rousseau... no seriously. He might cry if you don't). The guys discuss why, even if Rousseau wasn't the guy you wanted heading into the draft, this was still a good pick. You don't have to love it, but Rousseau has potential to be something great for this Bills defense. Listen to Casey, Clay and Nap talk through all the positive aspects of drafting him, while not ignoring potential negatives. If they didn't cover the draft pick as in depth as you wanted them too, try not to hold it against them. They are heroes for recording at such. late hour. Please thank them.

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