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In May last year, Nick and I undertook a 31-day IELTS Motivation Challenge. Our aim was to kick-start our students into good study habits, but we found that we made some positive changes in our own lives too. Now, it's a year later and we have a whole new set of listeners who we think can benefit from taking part in a new IELTS motivation challenge (plus, Nick and I have definitely slipped back into some old bad habits, so could do with a new challenge too!)

So, today, why not pledge to join us as we set out to conquer new challenges in June 2021? All you have to commit to is adding two things positive habits to your day and taking two negative ones away. Plus, we will help you by posting one simple IELTS practice activity on our Facebook page every day through the month of June. If you have been looking for a simple way to kick-start or re-start your IELTS preparation, then our IELTS motivation challenge 2021 is it!
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In this episode, we will:

  1. give you 5 motivational techniques taken from lessons in our own lives
  2. explain what the motivational challenge is
  3. set you the task for the first day of the challenge

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