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Hey! This week I got an email from a student which made me stop in her tracks. She had send her essay to a teacher who had given her a score of 7.5 and she wanted to know if this was correct. Usually, I don't like to get involved with other teachers' marking, but out of curiosity I had a look at the essay and the "marking". What I saw shocked me.

So, in today's episode Nick and I go through that essay together to discuss what score we would have awarded it for each of the 4 marking critieria. In the process, we discuss the basics of banding IELTS essays and teach you how to apply each of the bands yourself. This is not a definite guide to the band descriptors, but an interactive lesson that will show you the band descriptors in action.
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In this episode, we will

  1. explain what makes the band descriptors so brilliant
  2. discuss should attempt to use the band descriptors
  3. band an essay together using the 4 marking criteria

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