(B1) Dr. Anna Chrobry - Project manager in the aerospace industry


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Many physics students dream of one day working in the space industry. In this first special episode of our podcast, we are honored to welcome a guest for whom this dream has become reality. Dr. Anna Chrobry, who comes from a small polish village, will share her journey from studying physics to working in the aerospace sector.

At the beginning of her studies, Dr. Chrobry was particularly interested in nuclear physics. Then, she became captivated by the human impact on the Earth’s atmosphere and climate, which lead to her pursuing a PhD in environmental physics. After this, she stayed in Bremen, a hub for the aerospace industry.

In this episode, she reveals the differences between researching at the university and working in the industry. And she also answers a few important questions, like how does one even go about pursuing a career as a space engineer? How does one keep motivated in tough situations? And how did she almost give up physics altogether in favor of repairing pianos?

Find out all of this and more in our very first special episode and remember: Keep looking up!
You can download the bonus material for the episode here.

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