Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/25/21


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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, do you know the names of the police officers including African Americans and Hispanics that were killed in the line of duty? Why doesn’t the nation doesn't mourn the deaths of these minority police officers? Why doesn't the White House honor these fallen heroes? Do all deaths matter? William ‘Billy’ Evans was a Capitol Hill Police officer murdered by Jihadist Noel Greene. But the corrupt media, the Biden Administration, and the Democrat Party cherry-pick which deaths they will highlight as long as it promotes their divisive narrative. The Squad and Marxists like the Squad are getting people killed in America by opposing the police. Then, border facilities continue to house tens of thousands of children that are interned in these camps, and the poisonous media won't fairly report on it. The same way they wouldn’t report on how the Wuhan Virus escaped from a Chinese lab. Later, Joe Biden is already a failed president! Crime is up across the country. The border is out of control. The nation's finances are a disaster as is the country's foreign policy. Congress entertains demands to remove qualified immunity for cops while on duty, yet all members of Congress have qualified immunity while they are on duty. Afterward, Christopher Rufo, Sr. Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joins the show to discuss how public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries. Finally, Dr. Marc Siegel calls in to discuss the fear of COVID, even though it’s on the way out.

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