Episode 441: Theo Padnos


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Theo Padnos is a journalist and author of the book Blindfold: A Memoir of Capture, Torture, and Enlightenment.“I'm trying to tell a story about a person who's attracted to dangerous places and people. I think we all have that within us. I wanted to bring my readers along. So I selected details that we all have in common... I'm trying to invite you along on a journey that you yourself might have taken.” Thanks to Mailchimp for sponsoring this week's episode. Show notes: @TheoPadnos 00:30 Blindfold (Theo Padnos • Simon & Schuster • 2021) 03:00 My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun: Adolescents at the Apocalypse: A Teacher’s Notes (Theo Padnos • Random House • 2004) 03:15 Undercover Muslim: A Journey Into Yemen (Theo Padnos • Bodley Head • 2011) 10:30 "My Captivity" (Theo Padnos • The New York Times Magazine • October 2014) 12:00 "Life as a Hostage in Syria" (Polly Mosendz • The Atlantic • October 2014) 22:15 Theo Who Lived (David Schisgall • 2016)

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