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For Live on KEXP, Troy Nelson details Mackenzie Scott’s unique trajectory from Southern Baptist band kid to the subversive indie rocker best known as TORRES. While the path to her latest album, 2021’sThirstier, has been long and occasionally bumpy, the common theme of her successes seems to be her connections with creative women. In conversation with Cheryl Waters, Scott recounts how her wife Jenna Gribbon had an incredible influence on getting herself together during the early days of the pandemic to make the sultry, joyous songs that make up Thirstier.

Recorded 09/27/2021.

  1. Are You Sleepwalking?

  2. Don’t Go Putting Wishes In My Head

  3. Big Leap

  4. Thirstier

Watch the full Live on KEXP session here

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1. Full Performance (00:00:00)

2. Are You Sleepwalking? (00:00:35)

3. Don't Go Puttin Wishes In My Head (00:03:31)

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