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Today opera singer Eleonore Marguerre presents for the second time her easy-listening short podcast operaguide in English about one of the most famous operettas, "The Bat" by Johann Strauss. The very close-to-real-life story of Gabriel von Eisenstein who is winded up by his BFF Dr. Falke as a revenge for a story in their youth.

The story starts with Eisenstein having to go to prison for eight days and Eisenstein's wife Rosalinde wanting to profit by receiving her former lover, the tenor Alfred. The chambermaid Adele also wants to get away that night to a mysterious party at a russian's prince mansion. And even the governor of prison Frank is invited to this farce..

In this operetta you will hear some of the most beautiful and famous waltzes ever written and I promise you will not return home without one of the catchy melodies sticking in your hand.

If you want to listen to "Die Fledermaus" from Opera de Lausanne , where I am singing Rosalinde in December 2018, you can listen on the Radio on Dec, 31rst at 20:00 at Radio Espace Deux

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