Bollywood song: agar tum sāth ho अगर तुम साथ हो Singer: Arijit Singh & Alka Yagnik


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In this episode, we’ll help you understand the #Bollywoodsong # agar tum sāth ho अगर तुम साथ हो which is sung by # Alka Yagnik & # Arijit Singh of #Bollywoodmovie tamāshā तमाशा. And we’ll help you understand its lyrics. We’ll also break the song down and you’ll learn how the verbs ‘To stop someone’ and ‘to stay’ are used in Hindi. And you’ll also learn how to say ‘Do you stay there for shopping? and ‘Why did she stop you?’ in Hindi. And if you stay till the end of the episode you can hear a role-play and participate in it, as well. This series will help you to understand and fully enjoy #Bollywoodmusic and #learnHindi through #Bollywoodmusic. If you want the transcript of the episode and lyrics in Devanagari & Roman with the English translation, please consider becoming a patron on by making a small monthly donation. To help us improve the show, kindly give your feedback & suggest some topics on our Facebook page – To take a free trial for online Hindi lessons visit: Links to the song:

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