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This was such a great podcast and conversation. We had Rashad Evans, Jake Plummer, and Del Jolly in the house, as it were. We may have been in different locations, the love and message came through though.

We discuss their incredible company, Get UMBO, a purveyor of functional mushroom products that is taking corporate social responsibility very seriously. Del gets into his non-profit, Unlimited Sciences, and the work they’re doing to help fund John’s Hopkins research.

Everyone gives a little sneak peek of their experiences with some more effective mushrooms which just tickled me pink. It was an all around satisfying experience and I hope yall enjoy it!

To get some of their incredible functional mushroom products head over to getumbo.com/discount/kkp15. Discount code automatically applied if you follow the link. Otherwise, hit em with “KKP15” at checkout and you’ll get the 15%.

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