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CITYYYYYYY!!!!!! Our man, The Franchise, Steve Francis drops by Knuckleheads this week. We hear about his life and times growing up in Takoma Park, Md. The real backstory to all the high schools he attended. The school he almost went to and the one he did go to — where he became a star: Maryland. You’ll hear how Steve developed into one of the best dunkers of all time — and we’re talking NBA All Time. (Q can speak from experience on that.) You’ll hear how Cynthia Cooper gave him wisdom on leadership. What it was like playing with legends as a rookie. And then about that one time he took Yao Ming to the club. Yes. You read that right. There’s stories of his NBA shoe, tales of his handle, how he became The Franchise in Houston. And then all about his time in The City. CITYYY! We’re talking about a legend. Stories upon stories upon stories stacked in this episode. Y’all settle in. Steve Francis. In the building. #knuckleup.

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