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Y’all. This might be the best interview we’ve ever done. Not bragging. Just facts. The Big OG. Mr. No-No-No Dikembe Mutombo rolls up on Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. The Hall of Famer has a story so unbelievable it has to be true. Hear how he went from the Congo to Georgetown on an academic scholarship. How coach John Thompson found him at school and invited him to practice with Alonzo Mourning’s squad. And how Dikembe got extra reps playing intramural ball — yes, intramural ball, dunking on everyday students. We hear about his record-breaking first big game in college, his summer battles with Zo and Patrick Ewing, and his decision to go pro. You learn how Bill Russell shaped his mind. And why the story about Jordan dunking on Dik was seven years in the making — and how Mutombo never hears the end of it. We hear about just how cold the business of the NBA really is. Why Atlanta was heaven for a Black Congolese. And the story behind Adidas’s Mt. Mutombo basketball shoe. Just like the big man himself, there’s so much here. Mutombo built an entire hospital to honor his mother. Now he’s building an entire school. It’s a personal look at the career of one of the best defenders ever to play the game. Y’all be shaking your heads with amazement and laughing with pure joy during this one. We’re closing out quarantine season with the larger-than-life legend, Dikembe Mutombo. Swat that shot. Wag that finger. Tune in.

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