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The legendary Chicago rapper-actor-writer-activist Common joins the guys on the latest Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles! The Chicago-born Grammy and Academy Award winner kicks off the episode by revealing that Canibus was the first person to bust his ass in the studio — but says that on the basketball court his first spanking was delivered by a neighborhood kid known as Speedy. From there, Common goes on to discuss two things that had a huge impact on his early career: Nas’s album Illmatic and the experience of working with Kanye for the first time. The guys then get him talking about what it was like to take his talents beyond rapping and how he landed his first movie role. That leads the three into a discussion of their all-time favorite movies, as well as the actors who made them. Common gets curious and asks the guys a few questions of his own, like what truly made them want to be ballers and when exactly they knew they were going to make it to the league. They each name their favorite young guy in the league and get hyped about the future of the NBA altogether. Darius gives love to Common for that time he dropped D’s name in a song ... “to have you tapping your head like Darius Miles” … remember? And finally, the guys have to ask what it was like to perform at the White House and just how dope it is to be a friend of the Obamas. Listen in to hear more from the guy who flat out does it all.

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