#JTOL Taking Out The Trump Trash


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We meant to cover a range of topics but ended up covering a range of Trump foolishness. So why not use this time to deal with the trash? Trump and Golden Showers. â??Fake Newsâ??, Orange Angusâ?? beef with Rep. John Lewis, Steve Harvey trying to work with white supremacy, Zoe Saldana thinks Trumpâ??s been bullied by Hollywood. Trumpâ??s first press conference. A brief story time. Finally, SheBe gets in her feelings about feeling like we let our first Black president down. Thanks for listening! We'd love to hear from you. Twitter: @jtolmedia @shebeshonuff @boughettorising IG: @BoughettoRising Facebook: facebook.com/jtolmedia E-mail: jtolmedia@gmail.com Website: www.jtolmedia.com Shop the JTOL Store @ www.teepsring.com/stores/jtol-media

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