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Our struggles with technology and karaoke. The second Baltimore City police officer tried in the death of Freddie Gray found not guilty. Boughetto gives some background on the Judge Barry Williams who presided over the case. Was Marilyn Mosby too hasty when pursuing the cases against the six officers? Are we expecting too much to come the charges? Brown folks turnt up in Albuquerque, New MEXICO following a Trump Rally. Reporters expect â??respectableâ?? protest from Black and Brown protesters, while they donâ??t challenge white Trump supporters. A poll shows that people really dislike both Trump and Hillary. What can Hillary do to be more likable? Has a lifetime in the male dominated field of politics hardened her too much? Chris Brown took issue with an photo his daughterâ??s mother posted of Royalty at dance class. Did he have a legitimate gripe. Are we over sexualizing our girls? Why are people, Black women especially, likening a black toddler to a T.H.O.T.? Madonna had a lot of nerve going through with that horrible performance in tribute to Prince. This is why we donâ??t expect white people to properly honor our Black icons. Madonna canâ??t sing. Who would have done a better job? The horrifying revelation about who could possibly be cast in a Prince biopic. Grits-gates, the debate over sweet and savory. Music: "Live And Learn" by Joe Public Thanks for listening! We'd love to hear from you. Twitter: @jtolmedia @shebeshonuff @boughettorising IG: @BoughettoRising Facebook: facebook.com/jtolmedia facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks E-mail: jtolmedia@gmail.com Website: www.jtolmedia.com

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