4 - How I survived the Holocaust and what impact it had on my life.


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At the age of 96, he is still very active. He likes to solve Sudoku puzzles, he flies from California to Austria almost every year and so far he has given more than 200 lectures for young people and adults on the subject of the Holocaust.

In addition he shares with us the impact those horrible experiences during WWII had on his life and how, at the age of 80, his perspective changed so now he can look back on a life of thankfulness and love.

At the age of 19, Sandor and his family got caught up in the systematic killing machinery of the Nazis. His mother and his sister were deported to Auschwitz where his mother was killed right after arrival. Sandor and his father were forced to do labor for the Nazis.

He will tell us how the life as a slave laborer looked and felt like; how he survived these hardships we can hardly imagine and who secretly helped him. In addition he shares the impact those events had on his life and how, at the age of 80, his life changed for the better.

From Sandor we can learn how to deal with trauma and how the readiness to help others saved lives; and how he and his wife Anna talked about their Holocaust experiences with their children.

At this point, let’s just listen to what Sandor has to say …..

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