Webflow: No-Code with Vlad Magdalin


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Webflow is a platform for building applications without programming.

Software engineering has barely been around for 30 years. Over that period of time, there have been many attempts to create a platform that allows for the creation of software without writing a line of code. Most of these systems have not been able to fulfill that task. And this should come as no surprise. It is hard enough to build an application if you know how to program.

Vlad Magdalin has been working on Webflow for more than seven years. He has persisted through multiple failed attempts at building Webflow, and pushed past continuous rejection from investors who did not see the viability of his vision.

As Vlad patiently worked on Webflow with his two co-founders, the power of the web browser slowly improved. V8 became a powerful runtime that could deliver the performance necessary to build applications visually in the browser. The unmet goals of past WYSIWYG application platforms faded into irrelevance, as Webflow came into being and allowed for an entirely new type of software development, driven by a visual interface in the browser.

Webflow is one of the coolest, most ambitious software platforms in existence. Vlad joins the show to discuss Webflow and the future of software development.

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