Super Bowl LV KC vs Tampa is Set, The Mavs Survival Struggle, Big Name QBs on the market


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Jam discuss the NFC and AFC Title Games as we now know that Tampa take on Kansas City in Super Bowl LV. What stood out to them in each game, the Brady GOAT, the Mahomes Magic and the failure of Aaron Rodgers. You'll also hear a discussion on Matthew Stafford and the wild offseason with big name QB's that could be changing teams and the landscape of the NFL. Also, the Dallas Mavericks are 8-8, somehow continuing to survive a difficult stretch and the one year anniversary of the Kobe Bryant death. Also, thoughts on Hank Aaron and Larry King and a discussion of the Sports Radio 96.7/1310 The Ticket that started up 27 years ago and was a huge influence on Matt, the both recall not only memories from working there but also listening over the many years. Recorded 1/24/21. Explicit language included.

(START)-The Conference Title Games

(37:51)-The Block: A Ticket discussion and thoughts on Hank Aaron and Larry King

(1:07:38)-The Mavs Survival Struggle

(01:14:58)-Kobe Bryant, the One Year Anniversary

(1:29:18)-Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson and the QB market

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