IVM Hour Week 6 - 22nd to 26th March


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It’s the IVM Hour- India’s biggest podcast network is bringing you this week's best episodes: 'Cyrus Broacha' on 'Cyrus Says' is joined by 'Alexandra Mysoor'- they talk about life as a Desi in America, and she shares some stories of the guests on her show among other things, Our wise man 'Ashish Vidyarthi', who has just successfully battled Covid, shares the lessons he learnt on the road to recovery in 'Begin The Journey', On 'GayBCD', 'Farhad' & 'Sunetro' talk about how pets add so much value to life; Joining 'Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya' & 'Amit Doshi' on 'Shunya One' was 'Dr. Amit Malik' to talk about his digital wellness app-Innerhour; and on 'All Things Policy', 'Rohan Seth' & 'Prateek Waghre' discuss the various rules drafted across countries by respective governments regarding internet usage.
It’s a power-packed hour so make sure you tune in!

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