Ep. 186: Life After Movie


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There are some characters that stay with us well after the movie is over. It could be because the world of the movie was so intriguing, or the plot was bizarre and unique, or the characters were just so darn mesmerising.

On this episode, IVM staffers Antariksh and Vinay are joined by Pavan Srinath, host of The Pragati Podcast and the Thale-Harate Kannada Podcast, to talk about and explore what some of their favourite movie characters possibly ended up doing after the credits rolled. Tune in for a very fun episode.

Some great recommendations coming at you in the first half of the episode - Pavan recommends the TV series 'Snowpiercer', Vinay recommends checking out the newly released alternate ending to The Titanic, and Antariksh recommends Valiant Comics' Quantum & Woody comic books.

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