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Welcome Fitness Professionals, Health and Fitness Extremists, Bio-Hackers, Bodybuilders or the Average Woman (if there is such a thing because women rule the earth effortlessly) ...wanting to Live Longer, Live Healthier, more Connected to Spirit, Awareness and Discover the "Secrets of the FIT Life". I warn you this podcast will get real, go deep and explore topics most people don't talk about...stay tuned and subscribe! New podcast and video blog every week. How are Women in Fitness like US who train, diet, manage a family, kids, full time job, relationships ...trying to succeed in our fitness journey of a healthy mind, body and spirit, get it all done and STILL walk away humble and healthier than the day we started..finding ways to inspire each other everywhere we go! That is the question and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Cheryl Spangler and welcome to Inspire Fit Life, formerly known as Pro Bikini Insider. Connect with me on Instagram, FB, YT @cherylspanglerfit Connect with the Inspire Fit LIfe Community online at

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