Election '21 - Messaging, advertising, and campaigning in a pandemic. A deep dive with Conservative strategist Dennis Matthews


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There’s just over a week to go in this federal election campaign and the outcome is so uncertain. The leaders debated twice this past week and the polls continue to suggest this very close. Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives appear to have any momentum at this point.

On this episode of inFocus, I’m joined by my really good friend Dennis Matthews.

Dennis is currently President of Creative Currency, an advertising agency affiliated with Enterprise Canada. He was the National Marketing Lead for the Conservative Party in 2015 and recently helped manage communications and advertising for the come-from-behind winning Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party.

We sat down a few hours after the English language debate to talk about the campaign, how to campaign when voters aren't paying attention, how to communicate and engage voters in the digital age, and what his experience in Nova Scotia taught him about politics today.

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