Pronunciation improvements in 18 minutes!


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In this tutorial we are going to be looking at the importance of English Pronunciation and offer you some really practical advice and tips to make you sound the best you can in English.

We will talk about:

  • WHY pronunciation is so important
  • WHAT affects your pronunciation
  • Important aspects of pronunciation and HOW to improve your English pronunciation
  • The most difficult sounds for non-native speakers and how to make them easier
  • HOW to practice pronunciation – watch out – some of these are hard (but will make you laugh!)

Why is pronunciation so hard?

Non-native English speakers often find pronunciation in English confusing and difficult to learn. There is a good reason for this. Take the example below.

This short sentence contains seven different spellings of the same sound “ee”.

“We believe that people would see that Caesar could seize the seas.”

English pronunciation describes how a word and, indeed, the language sounds when it is spoken. It defines the way you use a spoken word or language. The word pronunciation may also apply to the generally acknowledged pattern of sounds in a language spoken in a specific accent.

Communication is the main goal of speaking and with great pronunciation, you will be able to communicate easily and score highly in your IELTS speaking exam.

SO: How can you work on your pronunciation and how can you do it in 18 minutes?

This tutorial will offer you some really practice advice including:

What to do when you hear a new word, how to remember it and how to use it.

  • Which sounds to be aware of when you are learning English
  • What is the schwa and why it is so important!
  • How being lazy is a good thing when speaking English!
  • And how funny, silly tongue twisters really are useful for making your English pronunciation clearer and better.

Read our full post on how to improve your English pronunciation here:

You can download or listen to the audio version here:

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