Folge 107: Paw Linnemann Larsen, how did Epic Games become a world power?


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Paw Linnemann Larsen, a Danish executive, is one as the driving forces behind Epic Games worldwide success. He serves as the company's Managing Director, Studio Director Berlin and Head of International Publishing EME​A. Fortnite, Epic's runaway success with over 350 million accounts and 2.5 billion friend connections has transformed the gaming industry forever both with its creative approach, its business model and its partnerships. Interviewed by Christoph Keese, Paw Larsen talks about the challenges of inventing blockbuster games, keeping up with the speed of technology, and the power of storytelling. Epic has scored successes also with gaming versions of franchises like Star Wars, Stranger Things, Marvels Avengers and John Wick. Larsen explains his vision of a future entertainment world where music, games and film converge creating a metaverse brimming with opportunities. This episode is interesting for anyone playing electronic games and for entrepreneurs from other industries aiming to understand the incredible growth of gaming. Language: English Sound quality: Studio with guest connected via phone

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