Folge 131: Fergal Mullen, is European venture capital finally catching up to the US?


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Fergal Mullen is co-founder and partner at Highla… Fergal Mullen is co-founder and partner at Highland Europe, a leading Swiss and London-based European venture capital firm. In early December, Highland Europe announced a new 700 million Euro fund aimed at building global leaders. The new fund was raised in the space of a few months in summer 2020 amidst the Corona pandemic. Does this fundraising success indicate that Europe is finally catching up to the US in terms of venture capital? Has it become much easier to convince institutional investors to spend money on startups? Where is Highland going to spend the fund and what will be the likely return? Why did Highland open an affiliate in Europe and why does Fergal Mullen work out of Geneva in Switzerland? Christoph Keese interviews one of Europe's leading VC investors. An episode aimed at anyone interested in startup financing and the art of venturing. Language: English Sound quality: Studio with patched-in guest

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