From Player to Playfulness with Neo Tantra. A conversation with Nathanel Goldman


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How sacred sexuality and tantra can infuse your life with deep intimacy

To be really honest: I do Tantra, but never explored deeply the so called Neo Tantra, besides some massage techniques. I was curious: What is it really about? How does it transform your life? And do you always have sacred sex as a practioner? I wasn't ashamed to ask all these questions and more to Neo Tantra Teacher Nathanel Goldman. In this episode you learn more about:

  • What Neo Tantra is for him
  • How it changed his entire approach to humans and life
  • How he developed from "player to playfulness" and was able to connect on a deeper level with humans in general
  • How he has faced fears and boundaries
  • How he experiences intimacy with himself and others. Plus: Nathanel has some amazing advice for you in case you want to do a first step into honesty, appreciation and true intimacy next time you share your bed and body with someone. Enjoy! You find more about Nathanel on and on Instagram:

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