#8 A real and uncut conversation with Meghan Currie about teaching yoga, love and garlic juice


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A NEW PODCAST EPISODE IS ONLINE! To say Meghan Cu… A NEW PODCAST EPISODE IS ONLINE! To say Meghan Currie is a yogateacher does not describe this incredible human being at all. For me, Meghan is a luminous manifestation of the divine, the perfect guide to lead me through my conscious and subconscious layers of my body and my mind. She is a fairy, dancing with the air and playing with the earth. She is a Goddess ruling over the patterns of energy around every place where she happens to manifest. Meghan leads me every single time I meet, speak or practice with her to the not so obvious truths behind. She is this one very special person, who lies me down, in the soft and tender warmth of the essence that I am. I am so happy, that I can share with you our raw, vulnerable, giggling, awkward, loving and uncut conversation in the new podcast episode of House of Grace. Have a tea and sit down with us at the table in Meghan’s Amsterdam apartment and hear us talking about garlic juice, her dedication as a teacher, about love and relationships, listen to Meghan, when she plays Ukulele at the end and hear us giggling because of the farting door of her sleeping room. Have fun and I hope you love this amazing human, teacher, singer, songwriter, poet, woman, artist Meghan Currie as much as I do. If you want to know more about Meghan you find all her events on https://www.meghancurrieyoga.com. House of Grace is made with love by Sandra von Zabiensky und Sebastian Schmidt. IG: @sandra_von_zabiensky, @sebastianschmidt_naturecoach

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