Ep. 54: Why dozens of Women in Sales are not enough with Sarah Brazier


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14,2% of the people who are working in Sales in the DACH-market are women. In the US we're talking of roughly 40%.

Considering that women are biologically better suited for sales (https://t1p.de/brg0) and that diverse sales teams are generally more successful than non-diverse teams (https://t1p.de/6id2), the question arises why there are not more women working in sales.

I had a conversation about this with Sarah Brazier, Sales Gal at Gong (and former unicorn, as I learned). She told me about her career in sales and how she first thought about selling.


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Sarah's LinkedIn profile: https://t1p.de/q7xz

Sarah's Book tip I: https://t1p.de/rze5

Sarah's Book tip II: https://t1p.de/2cz2

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