326: Behind the Scenes of Hustle and Flowchart with Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe


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There are a lot of things to consider in planning and creating a successful podcast. It’s not just booking guests and counting subscribers. Today's guest shares the daily routines of podcast hosts and all about the Hustle and Flowchart. Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe are American entrepreneurs, podcasters, marketers, mastermind hosts, speakers, and authors. They co-host the popular podcast, Hustle and Flowchart. Joe began his career in business consulting and video sales, while Matt started by blogging and building WordPress websites. In today's episode, Matt and Joe open up about their interest in doing podcasts and the details of creating their routines. They also share about Breathwork, biohacking devices, spiritual experiences, and their strengths and weaknesses. They emphasize focusing on the message rather than numbers. Watch this episode. This just might be what you need to create a podcast. Tune in now. The show notes, including the transcript and checklist to this episode, are at getyourselfoptimized.com/326

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