Life Lessons from Atlantis with Mara Powers


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The City of Atlantis has been inspirational as the legendary loss of an island and prehistoric civilization that has inspired the continuous creation of books and films. Today's guest takes the story of Atlantis of finding the correlation between the legendary island and our modern society. Mara Powers is on a lifelong quest to unravel the secrets of the mystery of Atlantis. She has created a visionary fantasy series that incorporates both the esoteric depiction of Atlantis and the secular. Mara credits much of her work to the medium Edgar Cayce and his past life regressions. In today's episode, Mara shares the history of Atlantis and the valuable lessons we can learn from it. She explains how civilization suffered from information overload and loss of connection that led to their tragic downfall. Furthermore, this episode talks about human connection and tragic events. Tune in since this episode will give information about the connection of the legendary civilization to our world today. The show notes, including the transcript and checklist to this episode, are at

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