The Network Effect


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With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the threat of peer warfare is suddenly very real.
Multi-domain operations will be central to any future conflict for Five Eyes nations, with communications and connectivity a crucial technological focus.
Welcome to Series Three of Shephard Studio’s Five Eyes Connectivity podcast, sponsored by our partner Viasat. For this series, we look at the origins of the Five Eyes arrangement, consider what it means for military interoperability, and hear how the unique partnership can and should evolve for the future.
In this episode, we dive deeper into military connectivity and hear how the Five Eyes partners are developing new CONOPS based on the model of multi-domain operations.
The US and its allies must adapt to this new character of warfare because they will not have control over every domain of the battlespace on the battlefields of tomorrow.
But as the battlespace becomes more complex, what will it mean for future warfare?

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