Tactical datalinks


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In the Five Eyes Connectivity podcast special, we look at the changing face of modern warfare across the land, sea and air domains through the prism of three key technology areas: Satellite communications, line of sight data links and cybersecurity.
In this episode, we turn to military tactical data links and look at how military planners are working to create a fully networked force where each platform sensor and operator are tied together on that highly resilient line of sight network.

We look at upgrades to the ubiquitous Link 16 network and hear how the US Air Force plans to take the data link into low Earth orbit for even greater reach.
And we will hear from our sponsor Viasat on how the private sector is stepping in to assist militaries develop these technology areas further.
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The Five Eyes Connectivity podcast was created by Shephard Studio in partnership with Viasat. A big thanks to everyone who gave their time to support the project.
The podcast series features music and effects by: Bobby Cole; Neil Cross; Romolo Komars Diprisco; Jason Donnelly; Michael Genato and Mark Merlino; Ceiri Torjussen

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