115 with Christoph Windheuser: Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at ThoughtWorks about 30 years of working in the AI field


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Christoph Windheuser is a long-term face of the discipline of Artificial Intelligence. In the late 80s and early 90s, he studied Neural Networks in Bonn and at the Carnegie Mellon University in the States. Besides also taking courses about neural networks in Tokyo, he finished his Phd in Paris about the topic of speech recognition. A time in which the AI winter had been present. Nevertheless, Christoph, kept his eyes on the topic for the last 30 years and since then explored the scene in different companies. He became the Director of IT at SAP, stayed there for 11 years, led a bigger team at Capgemini and the consulting team at GS1 Germany, before he then joined ThoughtWorks as the Global Head of Artificial Intelligence. A true believer in the power of Artificial Intelligence and especially with the view for cooperations that are interested in actually developing AI strategies around their business - whether it's the German Mittelstand, bigger corporations or startups. Christoph and I chat about his exciting story of becoming the person he is today, the potential of AI infusing companies with a different speed and interesting resources around the topic of machine learning. Enjoy the episode.

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