Ep 298 | Tony Evans’ 'Kingdom Politics' Can Save America | Radical Solutions Fix Radical Societies


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Dr. Tony Evans, a Christian minister and author, recently published his new book, “Kingdom Politics: Returning God to Government,” which offers America a biblical solution. Jason considers the true cost of America’s reimagining, reshaping, and disruption of the nuclear family. While some may see Evans’ answers as a radical solution, the recent Wawa store looting in Philadelphia was a prime example of an already radical society. Critics may respond to Evans' answers with, “What about the separation of church and state?” Our culture and the manipulative Democratic Party are fooling America and the traditional family structure. They have stolen the trust of the people and instilled fear in order to make us rely on our government for solutions that were given long ago. All Republicans aren’t necessarily Christians, so their moral and ethical differences may cause them to clash with one another. So why does Evans offer a biblical solution to worldly problems? The answer is simple. “Whoever owns the family owns the future” is how Evans puts it. This statement couldn’t be any truer. In today’s episode, Jason and “Fearless” contributor Dave Shannon discuss Evans’ many answers for America. Should Christians be unaffiliated with Democrats or Republicans? Does justice start inside or outside the womb? Should America incentivize married families? The intent of Evans’ book is to inspire believers to think more critically about how they use their votes. This gave Jason much to ponder. It also inspires in him a radical solution: How do we return God to government?

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