Ep 282 | Why Dawn Staley Should Cancel Memphis Not BYU | 'Fearless' Review: 'Honk for Jesus'


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Following last week’s phantom racist incident at the BYU-Duke volleyball match, South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley unilaterally decided that playing BYU posed too much of an emotional threat to her players and canceled a home game and home series with the Cougars. Jason says Staley’s emotional tantrum was nothing more than self-serving virtue-signaling. “The truth is Dawn Staley canceled South Carolina’s women’s basketball series with BYU to embarrass the Mormon institution and elevate her own profile. It was not a well-thought-out decision. It was emotional and manipulative.” Jason argues that following the senseless murder of Eliza Fletcher in Memphis, Staley should also cancel her series with the Lady Tigers. After all, there’s abundant evidence that the city of Memphis is more than emotionally hostile to young black women, and people in general — it's actually deadly. “There’s actual proof that the city of Memphis is unsafe for young black people and people in general. The city’s murder rate rivals Chicago’s and St. Louis’. Last year, the mid-sized city recorded 346 murders.” The first lady of "Fearless" Shemeka Michelle and T.J. Moe join Jason to discuss the black gay privilege that gives Dawn Staley the autonomy to cancel an entire university and its fanbase and they expose the hypocrisy following an alleged racist incident involving South Carolina fans. Delano Squires stops in to discuss the rising trend of violence among teenage girls and how the female empowerment movement is to blame. Wednesdays mean "Tennessee Harmony." Pastors Anthony Walker and Virgil Walker join Jason and Shemeka to review the movie “Honk for Jesus” and the uncomfortable mirror it holds up to the black church.

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