Ep 281 | Joe Biden Impersonates Hitler, Declares War on Half of America | Kari Lake Demands Debate


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In a bizarre speech purposely saturated with authoritarian artistry, President Joe Biden painted Trump supporters as threats to democracy and enemies of the state. Silhouetted in red light, reminiscent of a comic book villain, Biden spoke out against political violence and painted MAGA Republicans as rage-filled agents of chaos. “If Trump had come out in some lighting that made him appear like the devil speaking from the pits of hell, demonizing half of America, demonizing all of his political opponents with marines standing behind him, you know what they would be saying.” Jason breaks down Biden's totalitarian tirade as only a "Fearless" soldier can. Trump’s apprentice, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, is always up for a good debate, but so far, her opponent in November’s election, Katie Hobbs, is ducking her. Kari joins Jason to discuss how Hobbs' cowardice and her racism are costing the state. Plus, oppressed billionaire Jay-Z says that “capitalist” is a new racial slur. Shemeka Michelle help us try to “Make It Make Sense.”

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