Ep 279 | Jon Gruden Addresses 'Racist' Emails


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For the first time since his firing, former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden publicly addressed the “racist” emails that led to his exile from the NFL. Speaking to the Little Rock Touchdown Club, Gruden expressed regret over the comments he made in private emails and expressed a desire to one day return to coaching. "Fearless" soldiers Royce White and T.J. Moe unpack the former Super Bowl champion’s comments and explore Jason’s theory that the Gruden case is an example of the culture’s demand for racism far exceeding its actual supply. As the Rachel Richardson story continues to make headlines, we are joined by two BYU students, co-founders of the Cougar Chronicle, who say sources with the athletic department haven’t been able to corroborate the Duke volleyball player’s allegations of being harassed with racial slurs during a game. Luke Hanson and Thomas Stevenson join Jason to share their reporting and add powerful insight into the culture under assault at BYU. Lizzo is one of the biggest stars on the planet and most recently a Video Music Award winner. She used her acceptance speech to decry all the oppression that made her a millionaire. The first lady of "Fearless," Shemeka Michelle, helps us “Make It Make Sense.” Wednesday means “Tennessee Harmony.” Pastor Anthony Walker joins Jason and Royce to discuss Steve Harvey’s foray into prosperity gospel.

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