Ep 263 | How Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Are Killing America


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Jason believes the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement — or what he more accurately refers to as the diversity, inclusion, equity (D.I.E.) movement — is the real enemy of God in today’s culture. Those who worship at the altar of D.I.E. have bought into the lies of the Left that America is a better place with women in charge, the LGBTQ movement isn’t really after your children, and because the Founding Fathers owned slaves, America is racist and needs to be rewritten in the image of today’s new religion: diversity, inclusion, equity. It’s the movement that promotes drag queens teaching kids how to ride a stripper pole, banishes men from leadership roles, makes Christians ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and is even influencing a former NBA star to try to cancel Mt. Rushmore. Jason explores the issues that have allowed D.I.E. a foothold, including the failure of the church and men to stand on biblical truths and reject this spirit of the age.

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