Ep 262 | Why America Doesn’t Care About Brittney Griner | The War on Alex Jones


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Why does it seem like America doesn’t care that WNBA star Brittney Griner was just sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison? Jason says the reason has nothing to do with racism or sexism. “Race and sex play a role, but not in the way Griner’s loudest supporters argue. The truth is the identity politics movement is the reason Griner is caught in a cold war game that used to be reserved for men only. She’s a victim of the feminist movement that states there’s no difference between Brittney Griner and John McCain …” Jason also points to cynicism towards the American justice system as a reason for the lack of sympathy for Griner, a system that he argues has embraced the same political one-sidedness that Russia exhibits. “It’s difficult to muster outrage at the unfairness and harshness of the Russian courts when our own system has fully embraced a harshness and one-sided political motivation.” "Fearless" contributor Steve Kim weighs in on the Griner situation and why he doesn’t care. A jury ordered Alex Jones to pay $4 million dollars to parents of the Sandy Hook victims as punishment for calling the shooting a hoax. Royce White joins the show to explain who and what is really on trial in the case. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has filed federal charges against four officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting. Maj Toure has an opinion that leads to some friendly fire between him and Jason. The first lady of "Fearless," Shemeka Michelle, helps us make sense of a video of a woman spitting on a store clerk for simply asking her children not to throw bags of chips. You’ll want to see this video. Plus, Delano Squires joins the show to tell us why monkeypox is the real “don’t say gay.”

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