Ep 276 | Why ESPN Owes Aaron Rodgers & Kyrie Irving an Apology


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With the CDC and YouTube recently making guideline and policy changes, it's time that all those who demonized players like Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irving, and Cole Beasley be held accountable and apologize. Jason, with assistance from BlazeTV’s Steve Deace and "Fearless" soldier T.J. Moe, hands out the receipts to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Michael Wilbon, Mina Kimes, and Ryan Clark. Former Ball State teammate Lem Jones joins Jason to share the inspiring story of how the gospel of Jesus Christ reunited them. Plus, Delano Squires discusses his latest column and how the “Afristocracy” has become a barrier to the progress of black people because it lacks the biblical values and vision that once freed a people.

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